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Youth Programs
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  • B.A.B.E.S.  (Beginning Awareness Basic Education Studies)
  • The Tale of Samantha the Skunk & Why Smoking Stinks
  • Inhalant Awareness
Teen Programs
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  • Alternative to Suspension Program
  • "N-O-T" (Not on Tobacco)
  • Improve Improv!
  • Youth Council
Adult Programs
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  • Parranda
  • AIDS Candlelight Vigil
  • Fighting Fraud Against the Elderly
  • HIV Prevention Task Force
  • Wallingford Gatekeeper
Community Programs
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  • Community Health Fairs
  • Awareness Campaigns
  • Education for Professionals
  • Community Forums
  • TIPS (Training for Intervention Procedures)
  • Legislative Breakfast
  • Local Prevention Councils
  • ¡Soy Unica! ¡Soy Latina ! Community Celebration

Programs for Youth

B.A.B.E.S.  (Beginning Awareness Basic Education Studies)  Details

The Tale of Samantha the Skunk & Why Smoking Stinks
An animated interactive presentation for young audiences that tells the story of Samantha, a magenta skunk, and her experience with smoking her first cigarette.  This story presentation as told by Samantha runs approximately 30 minutes.  Ages:  7 and 8

Inhalant Awareness
These presentations explain the dangers of "sniffing" or "huffing" and how it leads to other serious substance abuse.  Youth will participate in a group exercise that focuses on all the reasons NOT to engage in this deadly behavior.  Ages:  3rd to 5th grade "Sniffy the Whiffhound" and 6th to 8th grade “What Every Student Should Know About Inhalants.”

Programs for Teens
Alternative to Suspension Program
This program can be offered as an option to students who face suspension for violating a school's tobacco use policy.  It consists of four sessions that address student tobacco use, the effects of using tobacco, addiction, healthy alternatives to smoking, and making the change to a non-smoker.  This program can be adjusted to meet the needs of individual schools.  Each session runs approximately 45 minutes. 

"N-O-T" (Not on Tobacco)
A smoking cessation program for youth developed by the American Lung Association.  The N-O-T program is a school-based, voluntary program designed to help students to stop smoking, increase healthy lifestyle behaviors and improve life management skills.  The program consists of a 10-session curriculum taught by a trained MAWSAC staff member at your school.

Improve Improv!
An after school program for middle school students focusing on improvisation and theater techniques, decision making, teen topics, negotiation skills, team building and just fun!  The program can be offered in a variety of settings and time frames.

Youth Council
A youth advisory council that trains and works with teens to address the causes of alcohol, tobacco and drug use.  Teens bring their own expertise and unique perspectives to the process and decide on funding for services to youth in Meriden and Wallingford.

Programs for Adults and Families
This annual popular event promises fun, without alcohol.  It is a celebration of the holiday season, Puerto Rican style, in which people gather to sing traditional holiday tunes to promote holiday fun without alcohol.  Parranda – the verb form of the word means “to revel” – is the Spanish version of Christmas caroling popular in Puerto Rico . 

AIDS Candlelight Vigil
This annual candlelight walk and memorial service celebrate and honor the Meriden community including HIV infected/affected persons and families, local government, clergy and social service members.  The vigil celebrates people living with the virus and honors the memory of those who have died.  The vigil is a way to bring a message that AIDS and HIV are still an issue.

Fighting Fraud Against the Elderly
This is an educational program for senior citizens and caregivers developed by AARP.  The program focuses on educating the community of the dangers of telemarketing fraud against the elderly and the connection to potential problem gambling.

HIV Prevention Task Force
This joint project with Healthy Meriden 2010 brings together health professionals and community members to look at services and prevention issues concerning HIV/AIDS. Co-chaired by MAWSAC and Midstate Behavioral Health Systems, the monthly meetings plan and carryout a variety of events and foster open dialogue and partnerships in the community. 

Wallingford Gatekeeper
This is
a program in collaboration with the Elderly Task Force of Healthy Wallingford 2000+.  The program assists elderly residents in need of medical, social or behavioral health services and links neighbors to neighbors.

Programs in the Community
¡Soy Unica! ¡Soy Latina ! Community Celebration
This public education campaign is designed to help Latina girl’s ages 9 – 14 enhance their own self-esteem, mental health, decision-making and assertiveness skills, and to prevent the harmful consequences of alcohol, tobacco and illicit drugs. 

Community Health Fairs
Events that are tailored to the population being served and include Black Expo, Puerto Rican Family Day, Temple B’Nai Abraham, St. Rose Church, Holy Trinity Church, Community Health Center, local elementary and middle schools.

Awareness Campaigns
Throughout the year, including Drunk/Drugged Driving month in December with the placement of newspaper articles, distribution of alcohol free recipe booklet, local cable programming.  Other campaigns include Fraud Against the Elderly, Adult Children of Alcoholics and Gambling Awareness.

Education for Professionals
Sessions for local community providers including training and resource building on tobacco, club drugs, marijuana, inhalants, illegal drugs, alcohol, HIV/AIDS, prevention and asset building.  Topics are tailored to the audience and can be held off-site.

Community Forums
Bi-monthly networking and informational sessions for direct service providers.

TIPS (Training for Intervention Procedures)
Training for alcohol servers and retail alcohol establishments to assist them in identifying underage customers.  This program is conducted in conjunction with local merchants and liquor control, and includes certification for TIPS trainers.

Legislative Breakfast
This annual event allows council and community members the opportunity to discuss their concerns and suggestions for community action with local and state government officials.

Local Prevention Councils
serving Meriden and Wallingford are funded by a grant from the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services.  The grant is monitored and funds are distributed through the Meriden and Wallingford Substance Abuse Council.  The members of the council meet on a regular basis to discuss problems related to alcohol, tobacco and other drug use.

For more information or to book a program,
please contact us at 203-294-3591 or email